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The Power Brunch Series



Theme: How to set the Right Goals and Smash them in 2018!

This highly interactive strategy session will focus on the following:

* How to stop opportunities from passing you by.
* How to fight negative thoughts that stop you after you have made your business plans.
* How to sustain the excitement in your business after all the new Year hype is gone
* How to write your own personalized vision and goals that will make people look at you and say #goals!
* How to get focused on your goals so that you don’t get distracted with what your competitors are doing on Instagram or any other social media platform.
* How to walk your talk by crossing the bridge of results.
* How to make time work for and not against you.
8. How to balance work, business and family.



* A complimentary 15-minutes coaching session to jumpstart your journey.
* Free e-book and webinar links to practise! practise! practise.
* We will dance, network, learn and brunch because our 2018 will be super extra!



Date: 20/01/18
Time: 10-3pm
Venue: To be communicated ( lagos)
Amount: N10,000

Secure your seat now as limited slots are available.

Payment Details: Metrowoman Limited  0079329007 Diamond Bank.

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