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5 Ways To Cultivate The Habit Of Reading In Your Children

August 16, 2018

Most children love to read, that is because they are naturally curious and inquisitive. But many times, they get easily distracted by their peers, the many games they play, their toys, television and even smart phones. It will require constant monitoring and patience to draw their attention back to books. That is why you have to cultivate the habit of reading in your children. With that, you can…


6 ways to take care of your natural hair

August 10, 2018

As black women, taking care of our natural hair can be… aarrgh, stressful! It doesn’t help if you have very thick kinky hair and you’re trying to comb it, your scalp suffers as well! But our natural hair is very beautiful, and rich. We know you sometimes get tired of taking care of your natural hair, so we’ve put together these tips, just for you! Wash your hair.…


5 Fire Looks For Monday Morning

August 6, 2018

It’s Monday again! You sure want that fire look for Monday morning. Looking good, they say, is good business! So whether you’re preoccupied with relieving the weekend or too busy to think of your outfit for the first day of the week, don’t you fret, we’re absolutely here for you! A trouser and a jacket. If you want to show up to work looking like the boss lady…


Soft Skills To Help You Improve Your Career

July 4, 2018

Who doesn’t want to grow in every area of their lives, most especially their career? We’re sure you want to keep climbing the ladder of success in your career. Do you know that there are some essential skills you need to achieve growth in your career? We will share some of these skills with you today?  + Communication. This goes beyond just speaking and getting a reply. You…


Tips To Stay In Shape During Pregnancy

July 2, 2018

Staying in shape during pregnancy can be a tough one. Most women have cravings and we tend to eat almost everything in sight. Worse still, we might fall in love with a particular ‘unhealthy’ meal and then eat it almost all the time – pregnancy does that! But if your goal is to stay in shape and remain healthy during your pregnancy, then let us guide you with these…


4 Quick Makeup Hacks Every Lady Should Know

June 29, 2018

The weekend has arrived and we can bet it that you have a lot of events lined up for the coming days. You might want to attend a wedding ceremony tomorrow or you have one special event to go for. But then, in the midst of the rush, your compact powder falls down and breaks or your eye liner isn’t just cooperating. We know how annoying and painful…


4 Ways To Create A Safe Work Environment

June 28, 2018

We spend a great deal of time making sure that our business environment looks good. We not only want our customers to feel comfortable when they arrive, but we also fall in love with the environment – that could possibly propel them to patronize us again. While doing all of this, do you also make sure that your business environment is safe? There are very minor (and major)…


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