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Interview tips for business-savvy woman

June 14, 2018

You want your business to be known by the world. You want people to know your story and be inspired by success. You want to make the Forbes list one day. Then you need to know how to grant interviews; not just any kind of interview, but good ones. These tips will help. Be yourself. The worst you can do is wear to a personality that isn’t yours.…


3 Advantages Of Maintaining Eye Contact

June 5, 2018

Have you ever had a discussion with a business owner who didn’t look into your eyes all through the conversation? What impression did you have of such a person? The first thing you’ll think of is the person being shy, not confident or not sure of what she is saying. Maintaining eye contact when discussing with a person or group of people is very important as an entrepreneur.…


4 Benefits Of Joining A Professional Community

June 4, 2018

Every entrepreneur should strive to join a professional community. Professional communities have a lot to offer in terms of mentorship, advice, networking and support, and if you’re not part of any, then you’re missing out. If you are in a particular industry in the business sphere, it would not be possible to join and participate in every available community. It is best to select one or two that can…


4 Ways Your Fashion Affects Your Business

April 26, 2018

Have you ever entered an organisation and everyone you come across – including the menial workers, all look very beautiful and smart? What was your first impression? Immediately, you begin to conclude that the organisation must be highly respectable. You might even begin to think that their services might be expensive and classy. Now, imagine the opposite, where you walk into an organisation and all the staff are…


4 Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Should Break

April 16, 2018

To succeed as an entrepreneur, there are some habits one must learn to cultivate, and at the same time, learn to break. Little habits have a way of hindering success without you noticing. Bad habits start slowly, until they become part of your business and eventually bring it down. So what are the bad habits you need to do away with? Procrastination. This will really cost you a…


Factors To Consider When You Want To Pay Yourself

March 20, 2018

Yesterday, we talked about why it is necessary to pay yourself as a business owner. We also mentioned how business owners either overpay or underpay themselves. Today, we would be talking about certain factors you need to consider when paying yourself. Set up a payroll. Just like you do for your employees, set up a payroll for yourself too. How much will you be paid if you do…


Reasons Why You Should Pay Yourself

March 19, 2018

The reason why we work is to get paid for it, have a good life, build a better future and the rest. We said it few weeks ago that a business owner should learn to merge passion and purpose to build profit. But the question is, what happens when the profit eventually comes?  We have discovered that most business owners find it difficult to pay themselves. Sometimes, they…


Tricks To Appear Smarter In Meetings

March 16, 2018

A lot is always expected of female entrepreneurs. Due to the male dominance of the business world, a female entrepreneur is expected to know her onions and be very smart to steer a business properly. How do you set out to be smart in a meeting and command the respect that you deserve? These are ways you can go about it. Read before you go. Never go to…


Here’s Why You Need To Mentor Somebody Today

March 15, 2018

There has been so much emphasis on why you need a mentor as a small business owner. A mentor will help you grow your business, a mentor will connect you to the right people and much more. While having a mentor is great, have you ever stopped to wonder if and why you should mentor somebody? You might be wondering, “I still need mentoring, how can I be…


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