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Entreprenuership is a journey not a destination by Helen Asimegbe

October 12, 2018


Entrepreneurship is not a destination; it’s a journey. On this journey, goal driven entrepreneurs don’t have an expectation of “arriving” to some finished line, but to keep pressing.

If you condition your mind to just achieving only a few goals, you won’t continue to push yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, or ever think outside the box. You won’t yearn for things that truly help your business experience fantastic results because I tell you, all those things require you stretching yourself.
Becoming a successful entrepreneur means understanding hard times are when you need to push and not give up. When there are obstacles, here’s what you need to do.
Place your focus on what you can actually control.
Running a business is truly not easy atimes it feels like everything is going wrong at the same time. Fact is, there are certain things you can do nothing about. Although there are still some things you actually do something about. For instance, if your goal doesn’t look realistic, you can readjust it, and chart a new course. If your clients keep complaining about poor customer service, and it’s bringing about low sales, look into changing your front desk.

1) Seek help, and take steps.
Stop acting like pretty Mrs Perfect all the time, when you know you truly need help. Seek help, it doesn’t change your person. Making a decision to seek counsel and support can help you get through that situation but please back it up with decisions that are action-based. For every decision you make, if it pushes you toward the action that helps your business, gladly make it!

2) Dream Big.
When we encounter challenges that look impossible to overcome, the first step to take is to think critically about the way forward, and not to just consider quitting.
Do you know how many times you have to start over if you just keep giving up?
Your dream is like a golden fish, you never know what luck it would bring to you. Every great person you’ve seen or heard about faced challenges, and they did not give up, it’s why they made history. You have to be tough, resilient, and gather as much courage for the journey ahead.Great people don’t quit!!

3) Face your fear.
Naturally most people tend to shy away from situations that push them from their comfort zone. They term them as negative situations, and say they are looking to avoid trouble. What great people do is the opposite they actually run towards this problem that stares them in the face.
At certain moments in our brief existence we are faced with great trials. We must see that this “problem” presents an opportunity for a solution that we have long been waiting for.
My advice, quit running away from things that actually make you strong and bold!


Picture by Joey Rosaldo

Written by Helen Asimegbe


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