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August 2018


6 Reasons You Should Have A Family Alone Time

August 23, 2018

Finding quality time today can be quite a challenge, but it’s not impossible.¬† Your husband and kids are irreplaceable, so when next your children complain about ‘mummy not being around almost all the time,’ you need to take them seriously.¬†Nothing beats family! You will agree with us. Here are six reason why you need a family alone time. Creates bond. Nothing makes a family bond faster than when…


Why You Should Include Scarves In Your Fashion Statement

August 22, 2018

Scarves are truly and unfairly underrated. Many ladies don’t want to cover up their beautiful and shiny hair. But do you know scarves are not meant to just cover your hair? Scarves can just be that missing piece to make your outfit complete. Not still convinced? Read why you should include scarves in your outfit of the day: It’s fashionable. Yes, scarves are! Scarves can be worn for…


Want To Save And Slay? Let’s Teach You How

August 21, 2018

Who says you cannot drink Champagne on a Coca-Cola budget? Slaying and still saving a large part of your money is not so difficult, we will teach you how. You’re too good for labels. Gucci and the rest? Scratch that! You’re too beautiful for them. Glow in your clothes; they don’t need to be designers for you to look good. If you cannot afford to buy designer wears,…


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