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How To Make Use Of The Social Media To Network

August 30, 2018

From LinkedIn to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the rest, you will agree with us that the social media is here to stay, and for a really long time too. The advent of social media has helped to introduce the concept of ‘social media for professional networking,’ that way, you can be professional and business-like, while still having fun.

Networking is very important when you want to grow your business, build your brand or career and the social media is just the perfect tool to help you. Here’s how you can make the most of social media to network:

Use LinkedIn. LinkedIn is your go-to app if you want to build your career or join a professional community. Search for people with about 500 connections and powerful profiles. Try to ensure that the people you choose to network with are decision makers, executives, media, influencers and so on who are relevant to your field. You don’t necessarily need to know them before sending them a message, just let them know you will like to connect with them, and tell them why.

Update your profile. On social media, your profile tells a lot about who you are and what you do. If you want to be professional, let it reflect on your profile. Beware of using foul languages or abbreviations, it can put most people off.

Comment on peoples pages. One sure way to grab people’s attention is to contribute to discussions on their pages. Make sure you write meaningful comments, give suggestions and so on. With that, people will begin to visit your blog or social media page, become friends with you and you can kickoff from there.

Share your content. Once in a while, let people learn from you. If you are a professional in a particular field, share your professional content. When  people realise that they can learn from you, they will follow you and want to connect with you.

By doing all these, you increase your visibility in your field, especially when your connections or friends or followers re-share your content. Increasing your visibility helps you to make new social network connections, and thus expands your professional network.

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