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How To Master Emotional Resilience In Your Relationship

August 24, 2018

Love is a beautiful thing, but it is the way in which we handle it that makes it more beautiful. One of the things that makes a relationship sweeter is mastering emotional resilience. How do you go about this?

Be self-aware. Being conscious of who you are, what you want and what you don’t want will help you go a long way in your relationship. Self awareness helps you filter the things you can accept from your spouse, so you wouldn’t stretch yourself beyond your capacity.¬†Self-awareness will help you get in touch with your psychological needs and demand it of your partner.

Embrace acceptance. To be emotionally resilient, you have to come to the realisation that your spouse is a different person from you. Embrace him the way he is, but don’t accept anything that will be harmful to you.

Don’t struggle with things you can’t handle. If you get to a point where you cannot control or alter certain things, it’s better to let it go. Never bite more than you can chew by struggling with unchangeable things.

Talk things out. To be emotionally resilient, you need a lot of communication. Keeping silent and bottling up a lot of things will break you emotionally.

Don’t listen to gossip. This is not only harmful to your relationship, it is harmful to you also. Imagine fretting over issues that you’re not even sure happened or not? You’ll end up worried, sad and depressed over things that will eventually turn out to be nothing.

Have a positive mindset. Have the mindset that you want your relationship to work. This will help you find solutions to problems, rather than looking for the way out. But then, learn to also draw the line, so you wouldn’t get broken in the process of trying to save your relationship.

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