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Want To Save And Slay? Let’s Teach You How

August 21, 2018

Who says you cannot drink Champagne on a Coca-Cola budget? Slaying and still saving a large part of your money is not so difficult, we will teach you how.

You’re too good for labels. Gucci and the rest? Scratch that! You’re too beautiful for them. Glow in your clothes; they don’t need to be designers for you to look good. If you cannot afford to buy designer wears, buy the ones you can afford. That way, you save your marriage and still slay.

DIY. Why not Do It Yourself? YouTube is a really good place to start if you want to learn how to do your makeup, skin care routine, hair styles and all of that. Instead of paying large sums of money for that face beat or gele, doing it yourself will save you money and help you slay to your taste.

Separate your wants and needs. Do you really need that red bag when you have 2 others? Or are you absolutely sure you will wear those pumps you’re buying? Never buy things you are not sure you need, this will not only waste your money, you’ll end up having things you do will not make use of.

Sell your used items. You’ve worn that shoe only twice, but you don’t want it anymore, sell it off! Instead of piling up things you do not need, sell them off at a cheaper price and make some money.

Save a certain percent of your money. When you get your pay, make sure you save first before spending. It can get really tempting to constantly dip your fingers into your wallet. So save first and slay later.

You see? You can just save and slay right. No worries.


Photo credit – Kefilwe Mabote Instagram

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