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5 Ways To Cultivate The Habit Of Reading In Your Children

August 16, 2018

Most children love to read, that is because they are naturally curious and inquisitive. But many times, they get easily distracted by their peers, the many games they play, their toys, television and even smart phones. It will require constant monitoring and patience to draw their attention back to books. That is why you have to cultivate the habit of reading in your children. With that, you can be rest assured that even in your absence, your children will always find companionship in books. How can you achieve this?

Read. Children tend to imitate a lot and it is only natural for them to read when they see you reading. You can even read together. That will make reading much fun and the kids will look forward to reading with you.

Make reading enjoyable. It shouldn’t be all about education or school books. Interactive children books with enough pictures, graphics and colours will catch their interest. Fictional stories will also sound interesting to them. You can also attach a prize or give them cookies after each chapter or book. This will make them eager to read.

Let them visit libraries. Where do you have your excursions or family fun times? Libraries! Taking children to a hall filled with so many books will catch their fancy. They will also meet with other children who love to read and build a relationship.

Buy them books. Whether for birthdays, Christmas or any form of celebration, buying your kids books as gifts will make them read more.

Try to also be the kind of parent that encourages all types of reading, right from newspapers and comics to magazines and contents on products even. Tell your kids to read aloud to you, tell you stories from the books they have read. All these would make reading enjoyable to them and they will continually look forward to reading .

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