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Benefits Of Flossing Regularly

August 2, 2018

Proper hygiene is very important if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we cannot talk about proper hygiene without mentioning the cleanliness of our mouths.

We all brush our teeth, and while many of us try to brush twice in a day, a lot of people still find it a bit tedious to brush at night. What about flossing? When it comes to home oral health habits, many people regard flossing as an optional addition to brushing, but it is not supposed to be so, most dentists advice that aside from brushing twice, we should also cultivate the habit of flossing daily. Why? Read the benefits:

Removes left-over foods. There are some parts of our mouth that our regular toothbrush cannot get to. Flossing helps with that. When you floss, it removes all left over food stuck in-between your teeth.

Prevents Tartar Build-Up. It doesn’t take long for plaque to accumulate on your teeth, and when this is not removed quickly, it can harden into tartar. Daily flossing will help to remove plaque from between your teeth and prevent tartar formation at the gum line.

Prevents Bad Breath. Just imagine left over food stuck in your teeth for many days. Not only does it cause decay, it is also an agent of bad breath. Avoid stale breath by flossing your teeth regularly.

Flossing prevents gingivitis. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. It is a painful condition that includes symptoms like bleeding or swollen gums. One of the simplest ways to prevent gingivitis is by flossing regularly, which can remove the plaque buildup on the gum line that leads to the disease.

Still contemplating on including flossing in your routine? We hope the above benefits will motivate you .

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