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7 Actions To Help You Through The Week

July 30, 2018

It’s Monday!! And we’re so ready for this week. We know you have lots of things to do this week and those ideas are spinning in your head. Before we begin the week fully, here are 7 actions you need to take to help you through the week.

Meditate. At times, when we have too many ideas in our head, we tend to get overwhelmed, confused or find ourselves trying to do too many things at the same time. You can pick few minutes of your time every morning or evening, get a quiet place and think about how you want to spend your day. This will give you a sense of direction and get you mentally prepared for the task of the day.

Make a list. When you have ideas or plans and you do not write them down, there’s a tendency that you may forget some of them, or remember late – which will make you rush up your work. The solution is to list out your plans, when and how you want to go about achieving them.

Learn to listen. This week, make a deliberate effort to listen more than you speak. The importance of listening cannot be overemphasized; you will get bits of information you might have missed if you did not listen.

Minimize distractions. You might not necessarily avoid distractions, but try to minimize them as much as you can. This week, learn to focus better; set a schedule for yourself and stick to it, even if no one is there to supervise you.

Get better sleeping habits. Sleeping is very healthy for the body and it is highly important to have a proper sleeping routine and stick with it. Have a sleeping time – maybe from 10pm to 5am and stick with it. You can put off your phone when it is time to sleep. This will enable your brain and body get very active when it is time to work.

Break Procrastination. We will keep reminding you about this; this week, do not let procrastination hinder you from reaching your goals. Try as much as possible to break the habit. Do what you want to do, now!!

Motivate yourself. Give yourself a thumbs-up when you reach a milestone. Do not let failure or negativity hold you back. When you fall, get up and push forward.

Have a profitable week!

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