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5 travel accessories to take on your next business trip

July 25, 2018

All set for your next business trip? Already packed your work clothes, gym clothes, foot wears, travel documents, and toiletries? Well, before you get so certain that you are done packing, here are 5 travel accessories you probably didn’t think of taking with you:

A shoe shine kit

As a business-savvy person, you should never go for an event without giving your leather shoe the perfect shine it deserves. For some strange reasons, you may not always be able to get a hotel attendant to shine your shoes. Save yourself some time by getting out your kit and attending to your shoe.


Make the most of your travel time by drowning out whatever noise that could interfere with your concentration as you try to meditate on podcasts and recordings you’ve been saving for after-work-hours. What’s more, with the right headphone you can read through work contracts, books, and go over reports while in the cab heading to the venue of your meeting.

A universal travel charger

Believe it or not, differences in culture, value systems and beliefs also transcend to the way electric sockets and plugs are made. The last thing you need is any of your device shutting down while preparing for a presentation or in the middle of the presentation itself. To avoid this, simply get a universal travel charger with different types of outlet.


Never ignore the predictions of the weather guy or head for the ‘wetlands’ without being armed with a portable umbrella. As little as an umbrella may seem, it may be just what you need to avoid running late or completely missing an event. Another perk is that you’ll get to keep your clothes and perfectly groomed looks dry enough to impress investors, colleagues, and potential customers.

Water bottle

Are you particular about the quality of your drinking water? Then you shouldn’t travel on your next business trip without a water bottle. Drinking water on the goal not only keeps you hydrated all day long but also fights jet lags, aids digestion, and cures whatever headache that may result from travelling over long distances.

Looking forward to travelling smart and making the most of your business trip? Never travel without these amazing accessories and if you don’t have them, head to the nearest store and get them already.

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