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5 Biggest Fears You Have To Fight

July 23, 2018

We all have our fears. We have things that keep us awake at dusk, things that make our hearts beat faster and our pulse hit harder. We all have that thing that threatens us, that doubt that holds us back. This is quite natural. When you are able to recognize your fears, however, it means you are one step ahead in conquering it.

Here are the five types of fear you should conquer.

Fear of what others will say. This sort of fear makes a person strive to please others and be in their good books – even at the detriment of one’s self. There are some people who are so conscious of what people think about them and the perception of people towards them. In the process of trying to be perceived as ‘good,’ they become a ‘Yes’ person – dancing to the tune played by other people.

Fear of change. Although you are not too satisfied with where you are, this fear would hinder you from moving to the next level. That is because you are scared of what awaits you there.

Fear of the unknown. This is also called the fear of the future. Worrying about the future makes you forget the present. People who suffer from this are always anxious about tomorrow.

Fear of failure. Many people are familiar with this. This type of fear hinders people from taking risks and moving forward. That is because, even when they are meant to succeed at something, they chicken out because of fear.

Fear of success. Does this sound strange? Well, it happens. Some people have the fear of success. Here’s what someone named Tryskele has to say about the fear of success;

“Another that fits into your list is the Fear of Success. We’re all looking to be better, to make that final jump into action is to actually work at and succeed at it. People view success as a change of lifestyle, a change in themselves. They’re afraid of the change that comes along with succeeding. This is similar to the fears listed here, but is just slightly different in the aspect that many don’t notice it. That’s where having a supporting person or community helps.”

If you find yourself experiencing these, you are not alone. Don’t hide, speak out and get help!


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