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4 Weekend Habits that Mess up your New Week

July 20, 2018

Don’t we all just love weekends? No waking up by 4am, hurrying to get the kids ready for school, no over bearing boss breathing down our necks, and no deadlines staring at us in the face!

Sadly, the ‘amazing weekend’ is often barely enough to keep the angst and sadness we feel whenever we remember ‘dreadful Monday’. Here are 4 habits that can mess up the new week long before it begins:

Binge eating and drinking

Weekends are often a great time to meet-up with friends and attend those events that everyone seems to be attending. However, it is not a licence to make unhealthy choices in respect of what you’ll be eating and drinking over the weekend. Whereas binge drinking is one sure way to wake up with the mother-of-all-headaches on Monday morning, binge eating will not only upset your diet, but will also leave you feeling guilty about it.

Failing to map out a weekend strategy

Ultimately, weekends are for relaxing and unwinding. However, living intentionally doesn’t have to end on Friday evenings. With more free time available, you should probably get even more intentional because time seems to run faster during weekends.

To increase your productivity during the weekend, start mapping out how you want to spend it long before it begins. Write down every activity – ‘me’- time, laundry, shopping, etc. Spontaneity is definitely amazing. However, you don’t want to start the new week feeling guilty about wasting the weekend.

Spending lavishly

There’s nothing wrong about getting nice things for yourself when shopping over the weekend. However, there’s everything wrong with busting your budget at its seams by going all out while shopping. Are you prudent-spender during the week, remain one over the weekend. Save more and spend wisely.

Working over the weekend

Though being committed and dedicated to work is highly commendable, it is very important that you get your boss, customers, and employees to respect your non-working time – weekends. There’ll always be work to be done but your kids wouldn’t remain little forever, your friend wouldn’t get married next week, and your partner will not always settle for your ‘left-over’ time.

Make this next weekend about spending time with family and friends. Pay your hairstylist that long overdue visit and get all prepped for the new week.

Monday doesn’t have to be the worst day of the week. It can be more pleasant only if you make the right changes. Have a lovely weekend ahead!

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