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How Do You Fight Sexual Harassment At Work?

July 17, 2018

One of the toughest things to fight in the workplace is sexual harassment. That is because in this part of the world, many people do not still understand what qualifies or does not qualify to be called sexual harassment. Many women face sexual harassment at a point but how do you handle it when it comes from your colleagues or boss? These tips will help you.

Observe early signs. Sexual harassment starts in little ways; from intentionally caressing your hands to winking at you across the desk, before it then graduates to more pronounced and provocative gestures. Make sure you take note of these little signs and stop them immediately. Never laugh over a colleague’s indiscriminate talk; nip it in the bud.

Have a talk. You (probably) should have a talk with your colleague. Let him know you do not appreciate being ‘hit’ on at work. Explain that it makes you uncomfortable and you would appreciate if he stopped immediately.

Take a step back. When you have had a chat with him and he still persists, then you need to retreat immediately. If you have been close friends before, begin to create a distance between you. Make sure your relationship with him becomes strictly professional and avoid all forms of personal relationships or discussions.

Prove your worth. In your workplace, prove your efficiency. This is to avoid giving them any excuse for their actions.

Report to a higher boss. If all these do not work, then you need to report to higher authorities in the workplace, so they can call him to order.

Leave. There’s no point staying in an environment where sexual harassment persists. When the opportunity arises,  make sure you leave to avoid future regrets.

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