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Do You Suck At Time Management? Learn These Tips

July 13, 2018

24 hours never seems to be enough. How can we wake up in the morning and then suddenly, it is noon! Sometimes, it seems time knows we have a lot to do, but then chooses to fly away while we’re still at it. However, there are some people who actually make good use of their 24 hours. These people seem to get it right and do a lot within that time frame. What makes them different from us? Time management.

You cannot manage time, of course you know that, you can only manage how well you use the time given to you. What time management skills do you need?

Goal setting. Having what you want to do and where you want to go in mind will save you the stress of moving in circles and wasting time. The most fundamental of time management skills is the ability to use your time in a manner that serves your goal.

Prioritize. Now that you’ve set your goals, you need to prioritize which comes first or later. Most people think prioritizing your work is to focus on getting more work done. That’s not true. You should prioritize your work, so you can eliminate those tasks which are not too important.

Self awareness. Sometimes, when we see people succeed at things, we feel we should compare ourselves and then imitate them. In the process of doing this, you waste time. With self awareness comes focus and determination. You know when to work, what time of the day you get more productive, and how you get productive. This way, you make better use of your time, because you already have a sense of direction.

Self motivation. Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt like you don’t want to do anything today? You just lose motivation and get bored of everything around you. Those are slow days, where you achieve very little with your time. Although it happens, you still need to pull yourself together, letting it linger for so long will make you waste a lot of time and opportunities.

Decision making. One way to manage your time is to also learn how to make fast and right decisions.

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