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Office Politics? Here’s How To Cope With It.

July 10, 2018

One of the many downsides of growing a career is having to deal with office politics. In one way or the otherm you must have experienced this. From controlling bosses to backstabbing co-workers who try to sabotage your work, relationships and power are tightly knit in the workplace.

We all want to have a smooth and sweet relationship with our colleagues, after all, who doesn’t like a friendly and conducive work environment? But what happens when office politics is thrown into the mix? What happens when this game is sabotaging your work and putting you at risk? You need to know what to do if this ever happens to you. These tips will help.

Be cordial. Be cordial to all your colleagues and your boss too. Being cordial means you are not far away to be their enemy, yet you are not close enough to pour out your heart and soul to them. Thus, you all maintain a friendly, yet professional relationship.

Document your work. When you are subject to colleagues’ political tactics – such as taking credit for your work, then you really need to device the means of not only documenting your work, but letting co-workers and your bosses’ superiors know what you are doing or what you have done.

Don’t retaliate. It can be very tempting to retaliate sometimes. You will be so pushed to the wall, that you feel like throwing your colleagues under the bus and giving them a taste of their own medicine. Please don’t do this. Never sink to their level; it could backfire.

Don’t join them. Those who play politics at work are usually clever; they try to talk to you about another colleague so they’ll get information from you that can be passed on. It is better to just mind your business and not engage in idle talks with them, so you won’t be quoted or misquoted.


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