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Want To Avoid Fashion Emergencies? Have These Five Things In Your Bag!

July 6, 2018

Now that the weekend is here, we are surely turning up! We have worked through the week and now, it is the time to spoil ourselves just a little bit. If you are just going to cuddle and stay indoors all weekend, don’t worry, we understand you need your rest. But if you are planning to turn up at events and have a blast, then you might save yourself the embarrassment of fashion mishaps by having these five things in your bag.

An umbrella. Take a look at the season we are in now, the rain can decide to pay us a visit at anytime and you sure don’t want to be caught unawares. If you are attending any event, make sure you have an umbrella in your bag.

A lipstick. What happens when you eat a meal and well… you know what next. Having a badly smeared lipstick can dwindle your confidence and spoil your looks. Make sure you have a powder to dab quickly and a lipstick in your bag. Just in case.

A pre-threaded needle.  This is highly important. Don’t be too confident about your dress, anything can happen when you climb the stairs or try to get out of your car. Have a needle and thread to avoid embarrassment.

Tissues. They are a lady’s best friend. Whether you have a running nose or not, make sure you have them in your bag. Mistakes happen; you could spill a drink on your gown or then smear your lipstick. Clean up any mess with a tissue.

A gum or mint. You need that fresh breath always, and you can achieve this with a chewing gum in your bag. Your guest or host may serve you a meal that may make your breath stale. So freshen up with a mint.

What else do you hold just in case of emergencies? Let us know in the comment section.

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