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4 Reason Why You Probably Fail At Execution

July 3, 2018

Failing or falling is not the end of the world. When we fall, however, we need to look back at what made us stumble and then take it out of our way to prevent future occurrence. What failure teaches us is to learn from our mistakes and then forge ahead in a bigger and better way. So have you or do you constantly fail at executing your plans, this may be the reason why.

Inability to accept change. Have you ever planned to do something and then when you start, you discover that the process is so long and tedious, so you just give it all up? Effort-ful change, even when it’s obviously beneficial is quite easy to profess, but difficult to do. To master the art of execution, you must demonstrate your willingness and ability to keep pushing, even when the process is very difficult. Giving up early would mean failure – at least to a certain extent.

More talk than action. If you are one of those who talk so much without eventually carrying out the action, then you need to start practicing how to do more and talk less. You can achieve this by making a conscious effort to work more, or by telling less people about your plans and only talking about it when you have started or almost completed it.

Too much pressure. Learn to avoid being put under so much pressure. There is a way stress and pressure kills your creativity and innovation, and then make you forget a lot of things you have planned to execute. When under high time and performance pressure, you become a creature of habit rather than taking risks to become innovative – that is because you end up doing the same thing over and over again because you are propelled to.

Being relaxed. Even if your business has gotten to a certain stage where you feel you are okay, it is still not enough reason for you to sit back and relax. Learn to always push for more. Don’t be satisfied with the little you have when you can get more.


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