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Tips To Stay In Shape During Pregnancy

July 2, 2018

Staying in shape during pregnancy can be a tough one. Most women have cravings and we tend to eat almost everything in sight. Worse still, we might fall in love with a particular ‘unhealthy’ meal and then eat it almost all the time – pregnancy does that! But if your goal is to stay in shape and remain healthy during your pregnancy, then let us guide you with these few tips.

Avoid sugar and junks. This might be a little difficult because you would crave a lot of things during pregnancy. But you want to stay in shape right? Try as much as you can to avoid sugar and junk because they will increase extra pregnancy weight and fluid gains.

If you do not burn excess blood sugar as fuel for the muscles, the hormone insulin will convert excess blood sugar to fat, which gets stored up in your body parts.

Water. The importance of drinking enough water during pregnancy cannot be overlooked. Drinking enough water not only ensures you keep hydrated, but it also reduces tiredness and pregnancy nausea. Drinking enough water will also help reduce your cravings for junks.

Sleep. During pregnancy, you need a lot of quality sleep. Get to bed early so you can have a minimum of 8 hours sleep in a day. If you find it difficult to sleep, then you need to be taking steps to fix it. A baby is growing inside you, so you need more rest than usual.

Exercise. Most women do not welcome the idea of exercising during pregnancy because they’re scared. But you need to get involved in exercises to remain healthy during pregnancy, all you need to do is to modify your exercise programs by reducing duration and intensity and then choosing specific pregnancy exercises that you will enjoy.

Eat healthy. A pregnant woman must always eat healthy during pregnancy. Eat a lot of protein and healthy saturated fats.

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