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4 Quick Makeup Hacks Every Lady Should Know

June 29, 2018

The weekend has arrived and we can bet it that you have a lot of events lined up for the coming days. You might want to attend a wedding ceremony tomorrow or you have one special event to go for. But then, in the midst of the rush, your compact powder falls down and breaks or your eye liner isn’t just cooperating. We know how annoying and painful all these can be, that’s why we have written 5 quick makeup tips to help you!

Lipstick and powder. Have you ever had to take a drink in public, and then get embarrassed by your lipstick staining the edge of the cup? That’s about to end! You don’t need to keep cleaning the edge of the cup with tissue paper. To avoid all that, after applying your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and dust them with translucent powder. Do this about two or three times and watch your lipstick last longer too. 

Broken powder? Not a problem! We’ve all been in this situation before. It can be heartbreaking when your compact powder falls on the floor and gets broken. But you can fix this! When your powder breaks, all you need to do is break it up some more with a toothpick till there are no lumps left. After that, get a makeup wipe, place it over the smashed powder, use your finger and begin pressing down firmly on the makeup wipe. Keep pressing until you feel no lumps or loose bits of the powder. Try this and watch your powder get back in shape.

Mascara – Eyeliner. Your eyeliner is suddenly finished? Then use a mascara.  Use your liner brush to scoop a bit of mascara, and use it to line your upper lid. Mascara serves a double purpose.

Smokey eyes? You so wish for this, yet you find it difficult to do. All you need to do to get a perfect smokey eye is place a credit card (or any card at all) at the outer corner of your eyes to make a foolproof line and then trace with your pencil or brush.

Try these tips and thank us later.


Photo credit : Lola Akinkuowo

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