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5 Tips on Making the Perfect Hire

June 27, 2018

As your business expands and takes on new customers, the pressure to engage new employees will definitely be on the rise. Sadly, making the perfect hire isn’t as easy as it sounds. The hard and serious work that goes into it could sometimes make you want to give up on the entire process.

Just before you throw in the towel and probably opt for the wrong candidate, here are 5 important tips that can help you in making the perfect hire:

Have a well-defined job description

More than just having a job title, carefully define the duties, roles, responsibilities, and the skills that will be demanded of the perfect hire. This will not only help you to be absolutely certain ‘why you need the new employee’, it will also help the candidate decide on whether or not they can cope in your work environment.

Diversify your search

Keep in mind that you are not the only employee in search for the right talent. So as you wade through the talent pool, keep in mind that there are many inlets in which you can spread your net. Rather than just settling for the traditional newspaper advertising, you can opt for online job boards, Human Resource agencies, and even social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Make the best of the hiring season

Whether you are in need of an intern or an expert, keep in mind that there are certain periods in which there will be high flux of job seekers. For instance, vacations are the best time to hire University students who will be ready to intern in exchange for pay or experience. Whereas, the beginning of the year will be the best time to higher more experienced employees who will be seeking new career paths or organisations with a more promising work environment.

Review resumes and applications

Once candidates begin sending in their applications, begin to measure it up against the job description. Doing this will ensure that you only invite the best to interview sessions. However, keep in mind that candidates with the best qualifications do not always end up being the perfect hire.

Set up the interview

Long before you subject each candidate to the scrutiny of your A-list panel, ensure you have a list of the right questions to be asked. Ensure that they weed out candidates who will have a hard time fitting into your company’s culture and accepting its values.

Ready to start hiring? By all means, begin! However, do not get disappointed if your search doesn’t lead you to the perfect hire. Don’t feel pressured to hire a wrong candidate. They are usually expensive, disrupt the workflow of other employees and ultimately affect the productivity of your business. Choose wisely

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