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3 ways to live your truth as an entrepreneur

June 25, 2018

The pressure to make it and make it big is quite real in the times we live in. Seeing others run ahead of you while it look as if you are running around in circles can be difficult to accept. That notwithstanding, you must know that you need to focus on your journey and live your truth.

Living your truth as an entrepreneur does not only earn you good results at the end, but it is good for your mental and psychological well being. It also helps to boost your confidence. Wondering how you can live your truth? Keep reading!

Don’t cheat to get to the top. Many business people take advantage of their customers’ naivety to cheat them. You want to make fast money, we understand. But we should also warn you that once your loyal customers discover you’ve been cheating them, they’ll all leave one after the other and you’ll be back to square one. The process may be longer but being a person of integrity will always bring great results.

Don’t buy followers. This is really common and it leaves you wondering ,”So what? Buying customers does not hurt anyone.” Well, ¬†you might be right, but to build your brand, you need followers who appreciate and can relate with your content. It is discouraging and unhealthy – even for your mental well-being, to have a million followers and discover that only 10 truly appreciate you. Don’t just think about today and tomorrow, think of the future.

Don’t lie to yourself. Don’t ever deceive yourself into thinking that whatever lie you tell or whichever means you take to boost your business is all for the greater good. Sometimes, we tell ourselves this to reduce our guilt. You know what is right and wrong, never do the wrong thing and then try to justify it.

We are not saying these are easy to follow, after all, we all want to make it quick. But you should realize that anything that comes too fast has the tendency to die quickly. So think of the coming years and where you want your business to be by then.


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