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4 Ways to Create Harmony At Work

June 21, 2018

Don’t you just love working in an environment that is filled with much love, laughter and harmony? There’s nothing as good as being in a place where you know that your staff are at peace with you and they have got your back anytime. Such an environment cannot exist on its own; you have to created it. Here’s how.

Be a team player. Build the spirit of teamwork in your work place by encouraging your staff to share their ideas and collaborate to get work done. Work collaboratively with your staff, guide them when they are stuck and make sure you provide avenues for team bonding activities to happen.

Have a policy for settling quarrels. There is no way people would not have misunderstandings. An office comprises of people with different temperaments, upbringings and beliefs – and so, there must be quarrels once in a while. Make sure you put in proper policies to settle disputes quickly before they escalate.

Say thank-you. Say ‘thank you’ to your staff and appreciate them. These two little words may be the most powerful when it comes to creating happiness and harmony. Taking time to acknowledge even the smallest achievement can make a person feel valued, and then love and appreciate you more.

Squash the spirit of gossiping. Gossiping causes more harm than good. Don’t allow it in your office. It has capacity to destroy every good thing you have built if it is not nipped in the bud. Don’t give any room for it at all in your business.


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