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5 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Work Reputation

June 7, 2018

Having a good and respectable reputation as an entrepreneur is highly important. Your reputation precedes you; it tells people a lot about your products and services without them trying it out. We’re sure there are times you have patronised certain people simply because you have heard about how good they are from your family or friends. Now imagine if they treat you shabbily after all the hype. You might be doing this too without knowing, that is why we have compiled a list of four things that can sabotage your work reputation.

Being a sycophant. We all want to ‘roll’ with the high and mighty, but ask yourself “at what cost?” The mistake some entrepreneurs make is that, in the process of trying to find favour from top successful entrepreneurs, they become a ‘Yes’ person, and then lose sight of who they are and what their business is all about. You also need to be careful of who you associate yourself with; being very close to a successful business owner who is not credible, or who has a bad reputation will gradually rub off on you.

Talking too much. If you fall under this category, then you need a good PR. There’s a delicate balance between saying more than necessary and not saying enough, and it’s important to strike that balance. Some entrepreneurs have spoilt their reputation because they have said things they are not supposed to. And some have said so little that people are beginning to think they are unintelligent. From social media to meetings and networking events, it is important you know when to say what, and how much talk is enough.

Poor customer service. You might have noticed that we lay so much emphasis on your customers and the way you treat them. What’s a business without customers? How will a business thrive when there are no people to patronise you? It is very important to treat your customers right. Imagine a person who has heard so much about you and then decides to come patronise you, only for you to talk shabbily to the person. The person will not only be disappointed in you, but will go ahead to tell somebody – who will in turn tell another person, about your ill treatment.

Little habits. Habits like chewing gum loudly, farting in public, slurping, picking your nose or being lousy are things people take note of. You should be careful about your mannerisms.



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