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4 Steps To Lead A Small But Effective Team

May 31, 2018

An entrepreneur builds an empire by starting with a small team. Having a team is really necessary if you want to grow and expand your business beyond what it is now. The effectiveness of your team does not necessarily depend on its size, but how well they are being led and the core values that they all share.

Do you have a small team and you want them to be more super effective? Read on.

Start strong. The best way to start strong in building an effective team is to hire the right people. The right people could be those who already know their onions, or those who do not know so much, but are willing to learn. From the onset, define your purpose and core values clearly. If you want to get somewhere, you have to know where you are going and what roads you are willing to take, this would be like a road map that will help your team focus better and move forward.

Create an inspiring working environment. A bad working environment can make your team get depressed. We are not referring to only the physical building, but the atmosphere and relationship that exists among your team. The best way to achieve this is to foster a strong company culture, build loyalty, respect, trust  and so on within your team.

Invest in learning. In today’s world, we experience changes almost all the time; technology keeps churning out new things, the economy changes frequently too. You must then invest in learning and training. When you help your team develop and grow as individuals, such as sending them to training and industry conferences, they will become more valuable to you, the team, and your customers.

Create work-life balance. Your team members are not robots, let there be time for work and time to rest. “Always encourage your team members to have lives outside of work. If you always run them at 110%, you will burn them out just when you need them to be on top of their game. –

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