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3 Questions You Must Answer to Overcome Your Fears

May 29, 2018

Entrepreneurs are always saddled with fear. Well, we cannot blame them, can we? It’s not easy making decisions that may or may not lead to the death of your business; there’s always this question of “what if” and then it is followed by negative thoughts like, “what if this goes downhill? What if my decision makes the business crumble? What if this business fails? It is perfectly normal to experience fear at a point in time, but it will be abnormal for you to let your fears rule you, or dictate what you should or should not do.

Whenever you find yourself paralyzed with fear, here are three questions you should ask yourself:

What is the worst that could happen? There’s this saying that once there’s life, there’s hope. Whenever you want to take a major step and you’re being held back by fear, try to write down the worst thing that could ever happen. After doing that, look at what you’ve written objectively and answer these questions:

  • Will this decision take away a person’s life or cause any physical harm?
  • Will it totally damage your business reputation?
  • Will it crumble your finances or make you suffer enormous financial burdens?

Your answer should determine if you will forge ahead or not.

Will you regret not doing it? This feeling is quite common with entrepreneurs. Most people do not go ahead with a major plan because they are scared and then they later regret it. So when you want to take a major step and you suddenly become afraid, ask yourself, “Will I regret not doing this?” Although, you might not get the full answer since you cannot see into the future, asking this question will give you a clue as to whether you should go ahead with your plan, or not.

How will this be beneficial? Of course you are planning to do something because it will definitely be beneficial, but listing out the benefits can help strengthen your resolve to go ahead with it. Listing them out and writing them down will always remind you to make a move and will help you gather the necessary courage you need to execute your plan.


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