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How To Spot Fake Hair

May 2, 2018

Have you really ever wondered where all the human hair get imported from? To be honest, there are more vendors out there selling fake hairs than those selling authentic hair.

Here are some key pointers you should keep in mind when you want to purchase human hair;

1. TEXTURE. How soft is it? Does it feel like a real textured hair? Keep in mind that not all so soft silky shiny hairs are real. A lot of them have been processed with all sorts and are sold to unassuming customers, attaching its origin from far exotic countries like Brazil, Peru, India, Malaysia and so on. According to Alix Moore (a self proclaimed international human hair expert), in his article, The Truth About The Human Hair Industry, Brazilians do not sell there hairs like that, neither do they cut it for profit or religious purposes. It is impossible for enough hair to be cut in the Brazilian community in abundance to provide for the world. Think about it, how on earth could you get all that Peruvian hair from Peru? So how do you know if your luscious bundles are the real deal? Let’s move to the next point.

2. QUALITY. A lot of tricky companies while packaging these human hairs mix them with synthetic, refused hair (hair lost during the wefting process), which is most commonly done in China due to cheap labour, and then they also mix it with Chinese hair in order to make profit. So how do you know if your luscious tresses are the real deal? From washing it, you can tell. Most hair companies put silicon and other things to make the hair very smooth. They coat the hair so that it does not tangle in the first wash, but as soon as you wash or heat it, the coating goes away and it starts to tangle. Real hair won’t tangle because the cuticles are all in one direction.

3. SMOKE TEST. Take out a lighter and do a smoke test. Real hair turns to ash, while synthetic turns to a sticky texture which hardens when it cools.

4. COLOUR.  Virgin hair comes in natural colours and has not been dyed by the hair donor. Since each bundle comes from a different person, every bundle is unique. In Brazil, it is rare to see virgin hair that is jet black. Their hair colour ranges from dark brown to medium brown, while in Asia, jet black virgin hair is common. This is why all our hairs comes in natural colours, and then we dye to any color to suit you.

5. PRICE. In as much as vendors want to be reasonable with their prices, keep in mind that if the price seems too good to be true, it most certainly is not a quality product. Keep in mind that good hair is not ridiculously cheap. Be sure of what you are buying.

Are you still thinking of where to get that 100% human hair, with integrity in every strand? Look no more JKJ Hairs is your number one trusted seller and with us, you are safe.

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