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5 Ways To Appreciate Your Customers

April 27, 2018

A happy and satisfied customer will become a loyal one. No matter how many competitors spring up, a satisfied customer will patronize you and help spread the word of how good your services are, which will increase your customer base.

In every business, keeping your customers happy is very important and that begs the question, do you think your customers are happy and satisfied with your services? There are many ways to keep a customer, one of which is through appreciation. Here’s how you can show appreciation to your customers.

Discounts. Imagine walking into a store and the owner says, “Oh madam, today marks a year that you’ve been with us. So we would be giving you a 20% discount on everything you buy.” How would you feel? Apart from being happy about the discount, you will be shocked and honored that they had been keeping tabs on how long you’ve been patronizing them. When you appreciate your customers steadily, their happiness will gradually turn to the resolve to patronize you more.

A surprise gift. Appreciating your customers is very important. They can patronize any other person but they chose you. Why not surprise them one day? You don’t need to wait for holidays or special days like Valentine or Christmas to give them a gift. Do it when they least expect it and then watch their responses.

Honour specific dates. It wouldn’t be bad if you kept a file containing your customer’s birthdays and gave them gifts on that special day. ¬†They wouldn’t be expecting it. If you’ve been doing home deliveries, you can just deliver the gift by their doorstep. If you haven’t, then you can look for other means to send them gifts or cards.

Check up on them. We know the struggles of small businesses when it comes to finances. If you cannot afford gifts, then it’s better to always check up on your customers. Once in a while, give them a call, send text messages, just let them know how much they are appreciated.

Publicize a customer. When your business grows to a certain stage, you can introduce the ‘customer of the week or month’, depending on how often you can give gifts. Appreciating a particular customer and making it known would send a signal on how well you treat your customers and could propel the rest to patronize you more.



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