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4 Ways Your Fashion Affects Your Business

April 26, 2018

Have you ever entered an organisation and everyone you come across – including the menial workers, all look very beautiful and smart? What was your first impression? Immediately, you begin to conclude that the organisation must be highly respectable. You might even begin to think that their services might be expensive and classy.

Now, imagine the opposite, where you walk into an organisation and all the staff are looking rough, untidy, not well dressed, scruffy and so on. Immediately, you would begin to have negative opinions about them in your mind. That is how much our fashion sense affects our businesses.

Your appearance speaks first before your mouth or your product. Your dressing also reflects what you have to offer us. Are you wondering how?

Your business type. When you see a lady well suited up, you automatically imagine her to be in the corporate world. When you see someone with so much prints and patterns, you imagine her to be an artist. Your dressing can give people ideas of what you do and then conviction on if you actually do it well.

Your confidence. Do you know your dressing can affect your confidence level? Imagine going for a business meeting and wearing iro and buba when the dress code is corporate. Surely, you won’t be comfortable, and confidence can never grow in an uncomfortable environment.

Carve a niche. With your dressing, you can create something peculiar for your business. People get to know you for a particular style of dressing. This can help give you a unique reputation, and if it is worth emulating, people would start copying it while referring back to you.

Elevates your status. When you look good all the time, your respect grows. You can probably testify to this. When you’re not looking good, people don’t get to really come close to you to know how intelligent you are. That is because, by nature, people make their opinions based on what they see. Dressing well not only elevates your status, but endears people towards you.



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