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How To Get Press Coverage For Your Business

April 24, 2018

As a small business owner, one key ingredient your business needs to thrive press coverage, either through traditional or digital media. Honestly speaking, you need that exposure. Inasmuch as you’re making good use of the social media and the internet, you should also have it in mind that the press also plays a major role in getting your business to the world.

So how can you get press coverage for your business?

Tell a story. Human beings, by nature, love to hear stories. Have you noticed all the adverts you have been watching or listening to? Everything they say or do is tied around a particular story line; they are either telling you about how someone’s life was so miserable until he used their product, or how their product came right in time to save the world. It is usually short, catchy, and interesting. So, what is your story?

Send out samples of what you offer. According to Forbes, “Media coverage is all about samples.” You need to always put yourself in people’s faces. Of course, not in an offensive way, but if you do not push yourself out there, nobody will ever get to hear about you. “If you make a meaningful connection with a few writers, they will remember you and your company next time they are writing a story about that subject” – Kimberly de Silva.

Have quality visuals.What is a press coverage without quality visuals? Except if it is for the radio, you need to take professional visuals to drive home your point. When it comes to content, your visuals must be lit. Along with your inspiring business story, you need photographs to make a powerful statement in the media, that is because visuals are capable of drawing the attention of your audience and you would want your product and services to sell themselves without words too.

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