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5 Types Of Entrepreneurs

April 13, 2018

Entrepreneurs come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Today, we are going to talk about the different types of entrepreneurs we have, so you can identify which one you are and where you fall.

The Copycats. These types of entrepreneurs do not really have a stable business idea. It’s not as if they don’t have ideas, but because of self doubt and uncertainty, they tend to copy other entrepreneurs who have succeeded in their businesses. When they see you selling clothes, they will start selling clothes. Tomorrow, they will move to makeup and cosmetics, in three months time, they will start selling chocolates and cupcakes, or rearing animals.

The lazy entrepreneur. These ones believe that entrepreneurship is all glitz and glammour, they are the ones who will seat cross legged with heavy makeup and expensive wears while their employee runs the whole business. They do not pick a finger to do anything except order about. With time, the employee gets tired and leaves, or begin to steal from the company, since the boss is to lazy to run her business.

The skeptical entrepreneurs. These type of entrepreneurs are always skeptical of others success. Because their business seems not to be going as smoothly as they planned, they believe no other person can make so much waves in their business. So, instead of finding solution to their failing business, they sulk and get jealous of other entrepreneur’s success.

The ‘Famzers‘. These type of entrepreneurs try to roll with the high and mighty. They have very thick skins and credibility is not their watchword, they just want to quickly rise to the top and will do anything to get there, even if the means throwing other entrepreneurs under the bus, or cheating customers.

The established entrepreneur. These ones have gotten to the peak of their businesses, they have passed through stress, failures and all hazards of entrepreneurship and they have triumphed. The accomplished entrepreneurs have figured out the things that will help them reach success. They have figured out the logic behind time management, how to connect with their customers and how to solve their biggest struggles.


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