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3 Ways To Assess Your Performance As An Entrepreneur

April 12, 2018

One thing we have always encouraged entrepreneurs to always do is grow. In the life of every professional, growth is highly necessary. Being stagnant or remaining in the same spot for long is not healthy.No matter what, you should ensure you are constantly monitoring your performance as an entrepreneur. The most important thing is for you to move forward.

So how do you assess your performance?

Check out your motivation level.  Do you wake up everyday and the thought of running your business depresses you? When you’re on your way to your office, do you get weary or energised? These feelings can sometimes wash over you, we agree. But if you feel this way all the time, or most of the time, then something is wrong. You are under-performing. When you are performing well as an entrepreneur, the difficulties will be like a hard nut you are eager to crack. But when you are under performing, every little bump makes you run to your shell and start regretting opening the business.

Check your financial statements. This is a little bit tricky. If you are not making so much money, it doesn’t mean you’re not performing well. Now, if your finances remain the same for years, then you need to re-strategize. Sometimes, your finances may not grow so fast, eventhough you might be growing faster in other aspects. Try to check your income statement, balance sheet,and cash flow statement very often.

Check your feedback. The essence of feedback is to know if your customers are well satisfied and if your goods and services are well received. If your customers are always complaining, then you need a review of your operations. If they are always commending you, then it shows you’re performing well. Your customers’ satisfaction level will give you a clue as to if you’re performing well, getting better or not. Just make sure you’re not surrounded by sycophants.




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