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4 Ways To Refill Your Entrepreneurial Energy

April 10, 2018

If you constantly take something from a particular source, there’s every tendency that it will run dry except you constantly refill it. That is how it is with your energy. If you work, work and just keep working, of course, your muscles and brain will complain one day. If they keep complaining and you do nothing about it, they will go on strike and might stop serving you.

As an entrepreneur, you need constant energy to refill the entrepreneurial drive. How do you do that?

Delegate tasks. Some entrepreneurs like to do everything. They feel others cannot handle things as well as they will handle it. They are the receptionists, the clerk, the customer care personnel…they are everywhere. They never get satisfied with other people’s work so they do it all, even when the others are present.

How do you want to have peace of mind when you do everything yourself? You should learn to delegate and share out tasks, so that when you’re done with your task, you can then rest a little before supervising what others are doing.

Think and Reflect. For those who do yoga, you would know the high benefits and soothing comfort it brings. If you cannot do it, just take between 15 to 30 minutes to think and reflect on your business and yourself. As you do so, you are re-energising your mind and resting your body too.

Exercise. Lack of exercise can keep you slow and sluggish at times. Boost your energy by exercising regularly. You don’t need to go all out; do something indoors for a few minutes. The idea is to kick-start your body and mind for the day and boost your mental and physical energy.

Leave your workplace. Have you ever visited another company and you’re suddenly motivated by what you see or the reception you got? Leave your office as often as you can, visit other businesses, go to other companies, see their mode of operation, see the way they handle their clients and welcome their customers. This would give you ideas on how to run your business. It will also strengthen your resolve to do certain things or make certain changes.


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