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Why you should protect your mental health as an entrepreneur

April 6, 2018

Being an entrepreneur can take it’s toll on your health, both mental and physical, if you are not intentional about your well-being. You should always learn to protect your mental health. Here’s how you can do this.

Take time out for yourself regularly…

Should we talk about the importance of taking care of yourself regularly. I think the answer is NO. Self preservation isn’t selfishness, but staying alive for YOU. Do have your ME time for clarity of thoughts, better focus, and for a healthier, wealthier and happier YOU. #BeInspired

Eat healthy food…

Eat more protein, less carbs, fat and oily food. All these with fruits and vegetables included. Healthy eating helps nurture you to healthy lifestyle and healthy living. #ChooseWisely

Exercise adequately…

A 30 minutes brisk walk three to four times weekly is the WHO standard for an adequate exercise except you are an athlete. Other indoor/outdoor exercises are good. So find that one exercise that you can do effortlessly and it’s enjoyable. #BeWise

Care for your health daily…

The saying that #HealthIsWealth goes to tell us that caring for our health makes all the difference. Without good health, a lot is at stake. So consciously make that effort to care for your health daily. #StopProcrastinating


Sleep bountifully…

I didn’t say sleep your life away, but find time to sleep. This is because when you are having poor or lack of sleep, the possibility of you having a medical condition is high. Inadequate sleep has been found to be the gateway to a lot of psychological and mental illnesses. #StayHealthy

Manage your stress diligently…

Stress has been found to make up to 75-90% of the reasons why people see their primary health care physicians. You heard me right. Manage your stress diligently and don’t let stress affect your health. You will be faced with challenges on a daily basis, because stress is inevitable but take your self out of the equation and manage it diligently. #BeSafe

Be Inspired and have a great day


Written by Dr Maymunah Kadiri

Dr Maymunah Yusuf Kadiri (Dr May) is a multiple award-winning Mental Health Physician and Psychologist. She is the Medical Director of Pinnacle Medical Services, a health and wellness centre which deals specifically with psychological, behavioural, and mental health related issues. 

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