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Why You Should Run A Cashless Business

March 26, 2018

One thing that can really turn people off about startups and small businesses is the usual slogan of ‘no change‘. Although we still deal with cash in this part of the world, very soon, the cashless business may totally take over in the next few years, and it is wise it is to jump headfirst into this trend.

The mistake you will make is thinking that going cashless is for big businesses only. That’s wrong. Whether your business is in a small shop or you already have the whole floors to yourself or you have a mighty company, you  should learn to go cashless. Why?

To propel the customer to buy more. People are trying to be very careful these days. There’s every possibility that a customer might patronize you with the thought of just purchasing a particular item or service. Now what happens when other products catch their interest but they have no cash on them? Would you just let them go, or would you find a solution to it? Going cashless would encourage a customer to buy more.

Increase the speed of service. Imagine a customer buying hundreds of thousands worth of goods and services, that sounds good. Now imagine them paying in cash and you having to count the money. You can imagine the time and energy that would have been saved if you had run a cashless business. Time is precious, and answering customers on time will encourage them to patronize you more.

To avoid the issue of ‘no change’. Time is so precious these days and people don’t have enough to waste away. It can put a customer off when you have to run to the neighbouring shops to look for ‘change’. Going cashless not only saves customer’s time, but also your time as well as you will no longer need to make regular trips to deposit money in the bank.

Reduce the risk of theft. Having too much cash in the office has the higher risk of attracting robbers and thieves. Stay safe always by going cashless.



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