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Here’s How To Be Mentally Strong For Your Business

March 13, 2018

To run a business properly, you must be physically strong and agile. However, most people pay too much attention to their physical well-being, to the detriment of their mental well-being. You cannot properly run a business if you are not healthy from the inside. Being mentally drained can take a toll on your business, and it will gradually begin to reflect in your physical appearance.

Today, we are talking about having mental strength to run a business. Mental strength is the energy needed to regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts, and behave in a positive manner, despite your circumstances. So how can you be mentally strong for your business?

Don’t resent other people’s success. Sometimes, it’s difficult being truly happy when others move ahead of you in business. You have to be mentally strong to be ‘genuinely happy’ for others. Resenting other people’s success will make you run a race that isn’t yours to run. You’ll begin to chase shadows and move in circles. Don’t put pressure on yourself because of other’s success – it will drain you mentally. So, take your time, work on your shortcomings and forge ahead.

Never waste energy on things you can’t control. In a bad situation, the only thing you can control is your response and attitude towards it, you cannot control how others feel or think. Certain circumstances are just beyond your control, like a terrible Lagos traffic for example. Do not waste your energy on things beyond your control, why? Because they will make you think and think, get drained mentally, and there’ll still be no solution to it.

Never dwell in the past. You flopped that business deal yesterday, that’s not good enough, you could have done better -yes, we agree, but the truth of it is that you can never take back the hands of time. So instead of dwelling in the past, strategize on how to make the future better. You can take on the mantra ‘tomorrow is looking good already‘, it would make you look forward to a positive tomorrow.

Stop repeating the same mistakes. To be mentally strong, you have to take responsibility for your past mistakes, learn from them and then sit back and reflect on how you can do better, or do it in a different way. Making the same mistakes over and over again has a way of draining you mentally and even physically.




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