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Important Factors to Sustain Entrepreneurship

March 9, 2018

There are many things involved in being an entrepreneur. It’s one thing to start the journey, it’s another thing to be able to navigate your way through, and it is also another thing to have the patience and endurance to pull through amidst all odds.

Like every other good thing, your business acumen must be oiled and fuelled regularly to yield the expected profit. These are some important factors that sustain your skills as an entrepreneur.

Experience. This is the best teacher any entrepreneur can ever have. At times, you may go into a business without having the required experience, but if that entrepreneurship journey is to be sustained, then you must be willing to learn from your experiences. Write them down; your mistakes, your oversights, your negligence and all and then find ways to improve on your weaknesses.

Team work. If you are not a good team player, then you still have a lot of work to do. Working solo will wear you out faster than you can imagine. To sustain your business, you have to work as a team – either with your employees or your partners.

Honesty. Honesty is important in every case but sometimes honesty, being real, can be the biggest enemy of an entrepreneur in some complex conditions. We would advise you to be honest in all your dealings, but it would be foolish to bring to bare all the shortcomings of your organisation. Every organisation has its company secret and being honest also means applying wisdom as at when due.

Take calculated risks. Starting a business alone is a risk, but if you want to sustain it, you just don’t deep your head into anything because entrepreneurs are risk takers, no. You need to be calculative in all you do and be mindful of the kind of risks you take. That is because at this stage, you cannot afford to lose so much.

Patience. You must have heard this like a million times already. Yes, patience. You are working, fine. Keep working and watch yourself and your business grow gradually. It might not yield anything at the initial stage or immediately, but it will definitely pay off at the end of the day.

Intuition and intelligence. Trust your guts. An entrepreneur should learn to let go of self doubt. It doesn’t mean you will be 100% confident all the time; it means plunging forward even in the avalanche of self doubt.




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