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4 Ways You Can Avoid Prejudice In Your Services

February 28, 2018

We have talked about how business women tend to show favoritism when it comes to satisfying customers, probably because they believe certain customers purchase in larger quantities, and they do so consistently. Truth is, we’re all humans and aside from business owner – customer relationship, there are some people who patronize you and you just sort of grow fonder of them, or take a liking to them.

Even in our day to day life, there are people we like more than others, but should that also extend to our businesses? The answer is no, business is business! We should be very careful not to mix personal relationships with business, it is one sure way to run a business down.

Here are four ways you can avoid being prejudiced when you offer services to your customers.

Set clear objectives. Having objectives is key in everything. You should have it at the back of your own mind that no human is more important than another. Try to make it a conscious effort to treat everyone equally, it all starts from the mind. When you make a mental effort to see everyone as equal, it will extend to your services.

Set boundaries. This should happen more with your family and friends, from the onset, make them know that you do not joke when it comes to your business. More often than not, friends and family ruin people’s businesses more. Because they are so close to you, they believe they can buy things on cheaper rates or even on credit. So make sure you draw the line and make them aware of your boundaries.

Get rid of personal information. While we encourage you to be friendly with your customers, try to avoid personal information while discussing. Most often, when customers get to know that you come from the same village, tribe, attend the same church or speak the same language, they begin to expect preferential treatments from you. So you want to keep it business? Then keep it business.

Put someone in charge. Proper customer service is a skill too. If you do not possess that patience and friendliness, you will automatically gravitate towards only the ‘easy to deal with’ customers, and you will become prejudiced. So put someone in charge – someone who is patient enough to handle both the easy customers and the difficult ones.


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