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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

February 22, 2018

Most business owners believe that the longer they work, the more they get out of their business. This is wrong. The truth is, the more efficiently you work, the more you get out of your business. Working round the clock doesn’t necessarily yield productivity. You can work and work till midnight, and then discover that you haven’t achieved much. Keep up that routine and it will begin to weigh you down, stress you out and your productivity level will begin to drop gradually.

There will always be time for you to do things, if you plan your time properly but the same cannot be said about your energy. Are you doubting that? Ask sick people if they’re capable of doing anything in that state.

That is why we need to lay more focus on managing our energy, rather than managing our time. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Invest in your body. It is not news that inadequate nutrition, exercise, sleep, and rest diminishes people’s basic energy levels, as well as their ability to manage their emotions and focus their attention. If you do not eat well and sleep well, there’s no way you can think well. Rather than deprive yourself of food and sleep, invest in them to get rejuvenated, so you can perform better.

Recognize what gives you energy. For some, it is good sleep while others need to take a break at intervals, and some just need to sit and think. When you recognize what gives you energy, it will help you. If eating heavily weighs you down, then eat frequently in small quantities. If you’re not getting enough sleep, then have a designated time for sleeping.

Work on your emotions. When we talk of energy, we’re not only referring to physical energy. You need to be energized mentally too. If you suffer from depression, then try to see a shrink. If you’re going through any mental challenge, rather than force yourself to work in that state, it’ll be better to seek for a solution first before working.

Be hopeful. People can cultivate positive energy by learning to change the stories they tell themselves about the events in their lives. If you keep counting losses, you wouldn’t have the energy to keep moving. But focusing on the positives has a way of strengthening and encouraging you to do better.

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