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4 Traits Of A Good Business Manager

February 21, 2018

Every business owner is a business manager, or has been a manager at a point in time. As long as you manage people and resources effectively, you have in one way or the other become a manager. We would all admit that it can be quite tasking being a manager; from having to handle different people, taking charge of things and situations, taking certain risks and accepting the outcome, a manager needs certain managerial skills to be able to pull through.

Some of you have businesses that have grown so well, and have branches in different locations, while others want to really expand their business.

Truth is, you cannot be everywhere at the same time, so you need a manager to help take charge in your absence. Here are the five traits to look out for when getting a manager. Also check yourself while reading to see if you possess these traits.

Thick skin. A good manager has thick skin. We’re not talking about the outer layer of the body, but the ability to push through in tough moments. The ability to fall, fail and still strive to push forward. If you get frustrated easily with people or in bad circumstances, then you’re not exhibiting the traits of a good manager.

Persistence. A good manager is persistent. She doesn’t give up until she gets the best out of something. Never settle for anything mediocre. It’s either it is good or bad, no sitting on the fence. A good manager also tries to make the best out of every situation.

An eye for opportunities. A good manager has the eye of a hawk. You can sight an opportunity even when it is so far away. As a good manager, never let opportunities pass you by right under your nose. Even when people believe there’s no way in it, a good manager can still milk something out of it.

Hunger for more. “The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement.” Little knowledge kills. When you’re satisfied with the little you’ve made, then you’re not a good manager. You should always strive to get more, want more, grow bigger, do better! The secret to achieving more is to sit every day and then think of what can be done to ensure a better tomorrow.

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