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Is One Customer More Important Than Another?

January 30, 2018

We all have that customer that we smile and welcome heartily when they arrive, and we have those that we do not really pay much attention to. We also have those that we would rather they do not patronize us at all, probably because they are very troublesome or they complain a lot.

Nevertheless, you would agree that customers are like engines that keep vehicles moving, and they should be given utmost attention and treated fairly. That begs the question, is one customer more important than another?

Let’s put sentiments aside and think like business women. The truth of the matter is yes, some customers are more important than others. There are customers that when they patronize us, our minds will be at rest. We are sure our business purse will be fattened as compared to others. But the most important thing is that  every customer receives the best treatment and incentive to purchase more.

The mistake most business owners make is that they obviously make a customer feel less important to another, and they wear this, ‘I will still make lot of money without you, so you can leave’ attitude. The truth is that most customers know when they are treated differently than others.

Imagine if as a customer, you walk into an office, and then the shop owner snubs you while responding to those she believes are richer than you. Next time, you wouldn’t patronize that place. Many business owners have lost their customers and would-be customers because of negligence and poor customer service. Those products they buy in bits and you grumble in your mind is part of what fills your purse. Little drops of water, they say, makes an ocean.

Never lose a customer by treating them shabbily. You might feel that you have better customers, but what happens when those ‘better’ customers relocate to another country and stop patronizing you? Those customers that buy so little from you are quite capable of recommending you to bigger customers. So in as much as you want to satisfy your best customers and make sure they are well attended to, you should also remember that good customer service to ‘all customers’ irrespective of age, gender, status or looks is one of the pillars that will make your business to stand firm.

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