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6 Business Ethics You Need To Follow

January 24, 2018

Building a good reputation for your company is very important, and it requires a lot of commitment. This commitment starts from the working environment where everyone adheres to the rules of behaviour that reflect good ethics. These are six ethical behaviours that should be upheld in your business;

Integrity. Your business should have a standard of its own. It should be known for its integrity and this can only be achieved when the staff are people with integrity. Integrity here means to not be biased to a particular customer, not being hypocritical and not taking money to compromise your values.

Commitment to excellence. Do all you can to put out your best work and offer the best service. Excellence means going the extra mile. You should never be comfortable with mediocrity in your business. It’s not ok to do substandard work simply because that’s how everyone else around you does it. Be different. Be exemplary.

Loyalty. You should be loyal to your business and so should your employees. Leaking business secrets or personal information is very unethical. Be loyal to your customers. Treasure them the best way you can.

Good leadership. The fact that you are a leader does not give you the liberty to break rules simply because you are not answerable to anyone. A leader should uphold the ethics of the business, in order to set perfect examples for the employees. Learn to encourage and scold your staff when due and also strive to uphold the rules guiding the business.

Respect. A good business thrives on respect. When there’s respect and courtesy within the organization, it extends to the way you relate with your customers. It also fosters good relationship among the staff.

Fairness. There should be fairness and equality in the treatment of the staff. Don’t favour one staff above the other. In addition, your employees should ensure that they do not use indecent means to gain or maintain any advantage or take any undue advantage the mistakes of others.



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