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8 major goals you need to set in 2018

January 3, 2018

We’re three days into 2018 already! We hope you’re still upbeat about the new year and your energy is still intact. This is the year where you will experience unprecedented growth in your business. To achieve this, however, here are some key goals you need to set for your business this year.

Plan better
When you lead a startup, you’re constantly focused on the present to the detriment of thinking about and cultivating long-range strategy. That will end up with you running from one thing to the next — wrapping up a product update, closing a big sale, hiring new employees, or putting out the many fires that can erupt in a young, growing business. But it’s essential to take a step back to plan and address the big picture.

Maintain a close eye on your financials. Don’t just spend money because you can. That’s smart regardless of economic conditions. Understand the difference between profit and revenue and don’t spend your profit when you should be re-investing it in your business.

Manage your time better
Make a list of your most important priorities and tasks and spend time only on those. Wipe every meeting off of your calendar and only put back the ones that are really worth it. Unclogging your calendar will make it much easier for you to prioritize.

Work with only the best
It sounds obvious, but the importance of hiring and keeping great people can never be underestimated and should be a perennial on every entrepreneur’s list of resolutions. Remember, one stellar contributor is worth more to an organization than three average ones.

Take care of yourself
Many folks commit to better fitness in the New Year. Entrepreneurs — who have an especially acute need to manage stress and keep their minds sharp — should be no exception.

Perform charitable acts
No one who successfully builds a company does so without emotional and financial support from an ecosystem of family, friends, and other business people and entrepreneurs. So show the same generosity of spirit that you received and help other new-to-the-game entrepreneurs. Don’t stop there, though. Help the unfortunate in your community. And don’t just write checks — give your time. While starting and growing a company is draining, it should never stop you from giving back.

Know your customers
Recommit to understanding your customers as deeply as you can so you can provide a better product. Make sure absolutely everything in the company is geared toward that end. Question anything that isn’t.

Laugh more
Creating and growing businesses is no-nonsense work. But don’t take it and yourself so seriously that you lose the ability to have a good laugh. Laughter is said to produce a range of health benefits, from lower stress hormones to increased immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. It also makes you and those around you happier. So keep your sense of humor.


Culled from Fortune. 

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