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Top tips for marketing success in 2018

December 28, 2017

2018 will be the year where your business will be bigger and better, with more money coming in from different angles. Did we hear you say ‘Amen?’ To make this a reality, here are some tips for marketing success you must not ignore in 2018.

Invest in your logo. Your logo is the most important expression of your brand. Invest in getting it designed professionally and compliment it with a tagline that sums up your offering to your customers.

Create a theme. Creating a consistent theme for all your marketing materials is a great way of expressing the personality of your brand and making it memorable. Ensure the theme is relevant to your business and your promise
to your customers.

Create the right tone. The tone of your message is vital if it’s to attract and retain your customers to the brand.
Speak to them directly – use you and us – and find a way of talking that matches their own conversational style. This could be irreverent and humourous for one audience, or serious and straight to the point for another.

Present yourself consistently. Repetition builds reputation. Ensure that every element of your brand is presented correctly and consistently to your customers.

Live by your strategy. You’ve invested in a marketing strategy (we hope you have); so ensure that you execute the plan in its entirety. Make sure that your marketing campaign is integrated and is supported by sales activity at every stage in the process.

Deliver on your promise. Once you’ve created the visual and verbal elements of your brand – presented it consistently and strategically to your market – and attracted new customers, all you have to do is deliver on your promise to keep their custom.


Culled from Brand Savvy.

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