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How to write to boost sales

December 6, 2017

If you’re looking to learn how to write for marketing, these are some tips that will help you write in order to boost sales.

1. Make Them Buy Without Selling

If you think telling people to pay for something a hundred times will make them do that, you have to revise some basics of marketing.

“Buy This!” or “Go Premium!” or “Share This and Make Everybody Know You Bought It!” should be in your marketing message, but not in these exact words. What you can do is to describe the benefits of the product clearly, so that your readers would want to buy it.

2. Don’t Preach

In marketing content, you can’t tell people not to live the way they already do. Neither can you emphasize that without your product, their way of life is wrong.

Rather, show the advantages of your product as an option, and not as a must.

If you are selling a vacuum cleaner, never tell a housewife that her home will be NEATER if she buys it. Say instead that it will save her more time, is more convenient, is better than her neighbour’s, and much more.

3. Don’t Underestimate Your Audience

Never consider your readers to be unintelligent. Promoting fake products or speaking with a lack of evidence are both outrageous and non-effective.

It is difficult and unwise to attempt to trick contemporary Internet users.

Saying things like “A TV-show star took this and lost half of her weight overnight” is a great example.

Ground your arguments on real facts.

4. Create a Unique Vision

There are a lot of goods and services that are unique. However, the majority are already manufactured by other companies.

Your products and services have to stand out. Your content should showcase the details that no one has thought of before. Or it should make your audience certain that the quality you offer is higher than that of your competitors.

5. You Can Return to Your Ideas Several Times

Once you’ve found the right perspective for presenting your product, you may confidently stick to it and reuse it severally.

Some ideas can be repeated from time to time in your content, while others can be combined with new ones.

Reasonable repetition doesn’t make your content less unique. It instead creates an easy-to-follow company’s mission.

6. Don’t Try to Look Smart. Be Smarter

No matter how difficult the topic you’re writing is, you should keep your content simple. Use simple words and don’t make your sentences too long.

7. Don’t Be Rude or Unceremonious

Keeping it simple is trying to make people understand your point. So use appropriate language, and don’t write as if you’re having a conversation with a friend. Exclude words and expressions not used by your target audience; like using ‘bro’ when you are writing for CEOs.

8. Word Count Matters

First and foremost, marketing content can’t be long for a reason described above. It is good if the word count is limited by your social media platform. However, in this case, each word has to be used for a purpose. And this leads us to the next point.

9. Make Your Message Clear

As stated in the first point, you shouldn’t push your product. But leaving people lost in questions after reading your content; like “What was that?” or “Why am I reading this?”, is not the best option either.

Convey your idea to your reader. You can borrow something from your essay writing experience for this purpose – make a thesis statement at the beginning of your text.

10. Let Your Audience Look Good Sharing Your Content

Remember that if you want your content to go viral, you are to provide your audience with an opportunity to share it. It means that everyone wants to make a good impression on his or her friends and family.

So, if you want people to actually share your content, it MUST be positive and engaging. If you want to sell something ‘healthy’, for example, gym outfits or protein cocktail shakers, it seems easy. But an inexperienced writer can still ruin it with a topic saying his or her readers need to lose weight.


Culled from Startup Tips Daily.


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