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4 things we love about lady boss, Offiong Jarigbe

November 16, 2017

We always love it when we find female entrepreneurs thriving and succeeding despite the odds and challenges that they face. Offiong Jarigbe is one of such entrepreneurs and these are the four things we love about her.

She saw a need and decided to become a solution provider. 

When I had my first daughter in 2007, it was difficult to purchase African baby clothes locally and we did not have children designers that cater to children using our print. It was hard for a tailor to make your left over pieces for your little one. So I decided to enroll in a fashion school, make pieces for myself and daughters and also use my daughters as my muse. It was so much fun seeing them wear my brand.

She uses her strengths to her advantage

My greatest skill or strength is the NEVER GIVING UP ATTITUDE. It has helped me in starting and running.  Anyone who wants to venture into business must have the 3 W’S i.e. WAY POWER, WILL POWER and WAIT POWER.

She is not afraid to fail. 

I am better off trying, failing, learning, losing and ultimately winning than accepting the status quo that there wasn’t an African shop to cater for our children.

She understands what it takes to build a successful business. 

One must first of all bear it in their mind that their PASSION MUST BE PROFITABLE AND NOT A VANITY PROJECT. When you understand this, you can factor in the elements and have a price point to make your business profitable.

Here’s her advice to other female entrepreneurs;

  • Women entrepreneurs need to first of all believe in themselves, refuse to take NO for an answer in any given field.
  • Conduct a research in that field to be well versed and hands on.
  • Partner with influencers and have the 3 W’s especially the WAIT POWER to succeed in the business.





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