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How to stay motivated in business

November 13, 2017

To re-charge yourself and gain new inspiration, check-out the following list of tips on how to stay motivated in business:

1.  Instead of doing things the same way as everyone else, have fun and find ways to be disruptive in your industry. Say things differently. Do things differently. Turn left when everyone else turns right. Besides standing out, you might also hit the one thing that turns a rough patch into a launching pad.”

2.  “You can’t wait for outside inspiration. You’ve got to see motivating yourself as an essential part of the process, maybe the most essential part. Because when it comes right down to it, nobody else can motivate you. All anyone else can ever do is talk you into motivating yourself, is sell you on the idea of motivating yourself. You motivate you. There’s nobody else who can be with you every hour of the day or the night when all those thousands of little decisions that lead toward your goals or away from your goals have to be made. You’ve got to be your own guru, your own favorite motivational speaker.”

3.  “Remember it is not about you, whenever you feel frustrated or stuck it is because you are concentrating on you instead of the outcome your clients/customers will receive by working with you.”

4. “We stay motivated through rough times by reading a lot about founders of successful companies. When you read things like how Richard Branson was almost turned upside down by a 3 million euro overdraft, you realize your rough times are minuscule. “

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