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What to do when your ‘market’ isn’t selling

November 6, 2017

Sales are the bedrock of every business. Without sales, there won’t be cash-flow coming into  your business and without sufficient cash-flow, your business will crumble. So what should you do when your sales are not what you want it to be? Keep reading. 

Re-evaluate. You cannot solve a problem without knowing what exactly the issue is. Look at your business model and examine possible flaws. Try and look for reasons why you are not selling. 

What is your competitor doing? While it is not good to overly obsess about what your competitor is doing, you need to know what your competitors are doing right when it comes to sales. Are they more visible? Do they market aggressively. 

Organize a meet and greet. If you can, organize an event where your potential customers can get to know more about the brand and the goods and services you offer. This does not have to be something extravagant. A simple event in your store or a small location will do. Use this opportunity to collate data for leads and you can also offer your goods and services at a discount to those who attend.

Think collaborations. The truth is, collaboration is essential to succeed in business. Look at your business and seek out businesses that offer complimentary goods or services to partner with. If you are an expert at tying gele, you can collaborate with a makeup artist to tie gele for their clients on Saturdays. 

Be the best at what you do. Whether sales are low or not, always put out the best. No matter how long it takes, your work will always speak for you. Keep delivering excellent results. Keep getting better. It will pay off. 

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