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The Big Picture – Do you have a written vision?

August 8, 2017

Everyone needs a written vision and a plan.

Successful companies function with it.

High achievers are guided by it.

Imagine setting out on a journey without directions on how to get to where you are going? That is what happens everyday you wake up without a vision and resume living through your daily routine. Time flies from seconds to hours to weeks to months and then to years and you might go on year after year only to find out that you havent done or achieved as much as you would have achieved if you had a proper guide.

Let’s look at Tolu who needs a job and she doesn’t care what industry and what career she wants. She just wants more pay.

If she had a plan for her life, it would help to direct her choices.  A 5 year plan for example of where she was headed, broken down into smaller targets. It would no longer just be about the money but about where she was headed eventually.

Having a vision is so critical. It helps you clarify who you really are, and the direction where your life is headed.

Without it, you will take the wrong job, marry the wrong partner, have the wrong friends and generally make wrong choices in your life.

To avoid confusion, start your life in the right footing by creating a vision. A game plan.

So who do you want to be in the next 5 years?

What would you want to achieve within that space of time?

Write your vision, print it in pictures, give it expression.

Weekends are a good place to start from, take some time to yourself and start to write out a vision for your life, time alone will help you stave out distractions and focus intently on the pictures you are trying to create.

Be honest with yourself and look inwards. The answers are within you.

Everything is locked up inside you like an orange seed has all it needs within to become an orange tree.

With vision you have unlimited sight, you can set your gaze on the future without limits and write down what you see.

People who live in the present, but focus intently on the future are the ones who win. Because you have an inner map an inner guide.

Don’t underestimate yourself or this process, it will help you make major changes in that will set your life on a different course.

Write down something, set targets, break it down to small manageable pictures. Meditate on your desires and build a strategy around how you can achieve it, one day at a time.

Writing a vision will usually take time, so you need to be open minded and flexible without changing the core principles that you must live by.

You might need to get more information, be more versatile, while being true to who you really are. You will find fine tuning the vision and you have clarity of your journey.

Start with having a vision and then writing it down. Start now.

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